Who We Serve

CALM uses prediction, optimization and adaptive business algorithms to manage the dynamics and uncertainties of energy costs and reliability. CALM draws from across the many silos of information and uses modern, adaptive business tools to turn that information into actionable knowledge.


Through our Watchdog Building Controller product offering, we enable buildings and micro-grids to intelligently reduce energy costs continuously and automatically through our patented and proprietary technology.  Our cloud based learning of building dynamics with cyber-secure interoperability to an ESCO or Electric Utility uses the latest NIST smart grid standards to drive out wasted energy usage and allow buildings to participate in demand response.

Electric Utilities

CALM Energy provides strategic services and software solutions to enable utilities to protect and leverage their assets and workforce while minimizing their liabilities. CALM’s tools are designed to monitor operational risk exposures. Some of the world’s leading utility companies have utilized CALM Energy services to help them grow shareholder value by better managing risk and improve business efficiencies.