CALM Energy

Headquartered in New York City, CALM Energy develops and provides smart grid controllers and decision support systems & services through our channel partners.

Our building controller technology enables buildings to automatically and continuously reduce energy costs through the use of our machine learning based building management system controller we call Watchdog. Watchdog gets installed in a building and connects to the industrial ‘internet of things’ installed throughout the building.   Watchdog also enables building managers to make money from their flexibility in using electricity by providing a simple way to participate in demand response programs with participating utilities.

Our CALM Power Broker controller technology enables electric utilities and micro-grids to improve service reliability and grid energy efficiency, as well as building energy efficiency, through the use of our software-based energy services and optimization decision support system.  Our CALM Power Broker  product can work hand-in-hand with our Watchdog Building Controller, providing a seamless way to capture smart grid value.

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