Integrated System Model

Continuous improvement and innovation will be enabled through the creation of an integrated system model (ISM) of the business. The ISM will coordinate deployment of CALM methods and techniques and will merge three major software systems that are not yet standard to field intensive industries like the energy business:

  • A Plant model (PM). A high-resolution model of the entire physical and business infrastructure that is to be managed.
  • A Business process model (BPM). A dynamic and detailed process and workflow model that will orchestrate people and information, and measure performance through activity based costing.
  • Machine learning (ML). A modern computer analysis methodology that uses historical and real-time operational data to predict, prioritize, and optimize critical processes of a company-including optimization of the business itself.

CALM will provide a common-sense approach for running the business, by measuring the results of actions taken and using those measurements to design improved processes in order to drive out inefficiencies. The ISM will provide the tools needed to visualize the competitive landscape and working environment of the company through forward-looking simulations of scenarios and evaluation of real options, so that alternatives can be explored to find the innovations that will most likely optimize the company’s business performance. A company will need these tools in order to become more adaptive and better able to perform successfully in the future, as the business changes under foot.