Watchdog is installed in a building and connects to the industrial ‘internet of things’ such as temperature sensors and power meters that are readily available from third party suppliers.  The Energy Optimization of Watchdog can save up to 30% on utility bills.

With the Watchdog Building Management System you can monitor and control energy and building comfort from the internet.  Since Watchdog is fully installed onsite, a loss of internet service still allows you to monitor and control your building on site through your local intranet or wifi connection.

Watchdog continuously and automatically sniffs out any potential issues with your operations and notifies you of an issue with the likely root causes to the issue, so you can get it looked after as soon as you think you need to.

Through Watchdog’s cloud based Energy optimizer subscription service, optimization control scripts are relayed to Watchdog to take pre-emptive action in reducing energy and saving money.  The Energy Optimizer, through a learned model of your building, simulates how your building will react to changes in forecasted weather, energy costs, and scheduled occupancy, and determines an optimal strategy that fits your business’s preferences of comfort, reliability, and cost savings.

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Your first step in seeing if this solution fits your building is to provide us the opportunity to perform an energy study based on your utility bills.  You can authorize us to get them for you by filling out and returning the form(s), located ‘Here’.