Command and Control System of Systems (C2SOS)

CALM Energy provides the energy industry with specialized software solutions to reduce the uncertainties and risks associated with an infrastructure based business. In addition, through the implementation of CALM, dramatic reductions in costs are made available through efficient planning, scheduling, and execution of work performed on the system. There are many similarities between experiences in the automotive, computer, and aerospace industries and those in the energy business. All require large-scale systems integration of complex engineering processes to produce profitable products.

CALM uses prediction, optimization and adaptive business algorithms to manage the dynamics and uncertainties of energy costs and reliability. CALM draws from across the many silos of information and uses modern, adaptive business tools to turn that information into actionable knowledge.

Below are our software solutions:

  • Targeted Demand Response – Enables utilities to target load curtailment based on predicted and/or identified grid vulnerabilities.  The software tool provides a means to optimally and surgically schedule and request demand response from demand response participants/aggregators through NIST standardized machine-to-machine interoperability.  The scheduled load curtailments when initiated are then measured to verify that the load reductions take place as planned.
  • Threat Simulation - Simulation of integrated electric transmission and distribution systems to predict exposure over the next 72 hours to power flows that could exceed the design of equipment if other equipment on the grid where to fail unexpectedly.  The simulator then ports this information to the Target Demand Response module to allow the operator to initiate mitigative measures to prepared for the event if it were to happen.
  • Smart Utility Management (SUM) Software Platform – An Enterprise level decision support system for both utilities and micro-grid facilities to manage their infrastructure based business decisions and information.
  • ISM Asset Manager for Energy Efficiency - A learning system to optimize capital asset planning of infrastructure based on predictions of equipment health and predicted asset utilization from growth or contraction of loads and supply.  Enables granular level visibility of where demand reduction programs and energy efficiency programs can obtain the highest value.
  • Smart Grid Virtual SCADA - Machine learning based predictor of load usage and supply of every customer on the grid providing indication of flows at any location on the grid for decision support.

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