CALM Power Broker

CALM Power Broker uses machine learning based prediction, optimization and adaptive business algorithms to manage the dynamics and uncertainties of energy costs and grid reliability. CALM draws from across the many silos of available information and uses modern, adaptive business tools to turn that information into actionable knowledge for operations and planning groups.  CALM Power Broker can be deployed as a distributed machine to safe guard portions of the grid through decision support and energy transaction or dispatch recommendations, integrating directly to an existing Energy Management System’s SCADA.

Below are our software modules:

  • Targeted Demand and Supply Response – Enables utilities to target load curtailment and supply of electricity based on predicted and/or identified grid vulnerabilities.  The software module provides a means to optimally and surgically schedule and request demand and supply response from distributed energy resources like energy storage, wind, and automated curtailable load through NIST standardized cyber-secure machine-to-machine interoperability.  The scheduled load curtailments when initiated are then measured to verify that the load reductions take place as planned.
  • Threat Simulation - Simulation of integrated electric transmission and distribution systems to predict exposure over the next 72 hours to power flows that could exceed the design of equipment if other equipment on the grid where to fail unexpectedly.  The simulator then ports this information to the Target Demand and Supply Resource module to allow the operator to initiate mitigative measures to prepare for the event before it may happen.

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