CALM Energy sells cyber-secure distributed learning machines and decision aids to channel partners (e.g. utilities, energy services companies) focused on energy transactions, energy efficiency, reliability, and data security.   We sell our ‘Watchdog’ controller and ‘CALM Power Broker’ to manage otherwise unsecured distributed energy resources and building loads for smart grid and smart building operations.

Watchdog Smart Node Controller (Watchdog) when installed in buildings automatically and continuously reduces a building’s energy costs and enables the building to securely interoperate with our CALM Power Broker and other 3rd party DERMS Platforms.  Watchdog communicates with building management systems, including IoT monitoring and control systems. Watchdog provides a means to optimally control energy for energy efficiency, resiliency, and market participation. It integrates with a building’s HVAC, energy storage, generation, lighting systems, and appliances using standard communication and 3rd party monitoring and control devices.

CALM Power Broker helps utilities and micro-grid owners maintain operational energy efficiency, cyber-security, and grid reliability when dealing with distributed energy resources like energy storage and renewables, grid contingencies, and market participation.

Watchdog Smart Node Controller

Watchdog installed in a building learns the building’s power usage dynamics.   With this knowledge it efficiently monitors and controls your energy assets automatically and continuously to maintain comfort while reducing your energy costs.  Save up to 30% on your building energy costs through the installation of our Watchdog system that provides the automated computational intelligence needed to save you money.

Watchdog communicates with your HVAC, generation, lighting, and appliances providing a means to change the behavior of your energy consuming and energy producing assets to save on energy costs.   If you have interest in knowing more about our energy saving Watchdog, leave us your contact info and we’ll get back to you.

CALM Power Broker

Managing the electric grid given unreliable electric supply resources such as wind and solar power, and intermittent loads such as mobile electric vehicles, requires intelligent decision support capabilities in order to know when to initiate pre-emptive and real time optimal responses to ensure grid reliability and efficiency.

Electric grid operations are dominated by uncertainties from weather, market variations, transportation, crew logistics, and asset reliability. But through learned knowledge of these uncertainties and availability of distributed energy resources predictions of how a situation will most likely unfold creates opportunities to mitigate bad events from taking place.  These uncertainties can be continuously acted on by use of our computational decision-making coupled with management of distributed energy resources.  The CALM Power Broker’s intelligent decision making platform enables operators to ‘see things coming’, providing recommendations in mitigating or containing emergent and actual grid events.  CALM Power Broker can also be installed locally at the substation to intelligently and continuously dispatch energy resources with minimal system operator intervention.